Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Camping holidays in the UK less stressful than exotic holidays

People who go on camping holidays in the UK will find their break less stressful than those who opt for a exotic holidays abroad, a study has revealed.

Researchers have found families who stay local instead of jetting off to sunny foreign climes are more likely to arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy their holiday.

Holiday-goers also find it easier to unwind without the worries of passports and visas, the language barrier and bugs and insects.

The study of 2,00 people found almost half of families who have been on both local camping and international breaks believe a foreign jaunt is more stressful, with just 20% saying the same about a camping trip.

The study also found that 57% people reckon not having to deal with passport control or navigate their way through airports make things less stressful on a camping holiday.

Louise White, spokeswoman for Jungle Formula which commissioned the research, said: "When looking at glossy holiday brochures, a holiday abroad can seem like a dream. But sometimes, it is much easier and less stressful to stay in the UK.

”Not only is the journey usually shorter, but you don’t have to navigate your way around airports, worry about delays and cancellations or deal with the endless queues at check-in and security.

Top ten most stressful things about holidaying abroad:

1.   Having to deal with airports/passport control
2.   The expense/cost
3.   it’s stressful packing everything you need to go abroad
4.   The language barrier
5.   Having to deal with animals/insects which aren’t an issue in the UK
6.   Having to have vaccinations
7.   Being so far away from home
8.   Not feeling confident about letting my kids explore as much as I would in the UK
9.   The kids are still able to watch TV/play their computer games
10. Children want to join kids clubs so don’t want to do anything as a family

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